Friday, August 1, 2008

I Love the Race Track

This one is for Speed Racer.

I was going to write about when I wished for donuts tonight, but I'll write about that another night cause me and Dad went to the race track today and it was soooo cool. It's my favorite place ever. We watched a race and the cars were going so fast.

Then we went into the pit and watched all the pit crews change the cars' tires. They were real racing tires that were smooth. We saw all the drivers, then they drived on the track. I got a hot dog and some other kind of meat with BBQ sauce on it and it tasted so good.

Then we went to this dinner thing with all of the drivers and guess what? They had these brownies with the smoothest frosting ever. That frosting was so smooth, I didn't want to eat it. But I did eat it. The drivers they had were the best drivers. They talked about how to drive race cars.

I got an extra water bottle to take home with me, so it was my lucky day cause of all that. When we were walking back to our car I was chasing flying grasshoppers. I can usually catch grasshoppers no problem but these were so fast. Maybe that's cause we were at a race track.

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