Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Welcome to the Frog Blog!!

This one is for Lightning McQueen.

Hello world. My name is Weston. I love froggies so, so much. I have a froggy- he's a firebelly. He's the best froggy in the whole white world and the whole white space. That's why I wanted to have a froggy blog.

I also like San Diego and Lightning McQueen and cars. My favorite cars are froggy cars and race cars and cars that have numbers on them, cause numbers is what makes a car fast.

I know how to drive a car. It's so easy. Dadda taught me.

I love my little sista Angel. She's so cute and beautiful and funny. I call her babycakes.

[Dad's Note: Weston has been asking for a while now for me to create his very own blog, so here it is! I'm not sure how often he'll post, but he's pretty excited about it. He got a little digital camera for Christmas and has been taking pictures to put on his blog, so stay tuned for those and many enlightening musings from our resident mechanic and frog aficionado. By the way, "whole 'white' world" = "whole 'wide' world".

Oh, and for you Wednesdays with West fans over at Bridger's blog, that feature will remain. And Bridger will be a regular guest author here too.]